Our TBO Extension Just Makes Sense

Reducing the Cost of Continued Operation

Engine overhauls can cost $800k to $1M per aircraft. Market barriers make the overhaul cost-prohibitive, and result in well-maintained jets being parked or parted out. Our team developed a program based on historical data and technical expertise that extends engine life at a fraction of the cost.

Hot Section Inspection and all normal associated hardware & consumables are included.

Our FAA STC extension program is automatically transferred to new owner if the aircraft sells.

HSI protects against failures to HT Blades caused by rub & heat damage from bad fuel nozzles.

Our TBO Extension program is safe, FAA Approved, and compliant with insurance policies.

The cost for a TBO Extension is up to $900,000 less than that of a traditional overhaul.

A TBO Extension after mid-life increases the value of your aircraft by up to double our cost.

Operating Safely Under Life Extension

Our program has been developed in the shadow of a study on the TPE 331 turbo-prob market in the early 2000s. The research resulted in a 5400-hour life extension program to safely extend TBO, increasing jet value immediately.

Similarly, for the Hawker 400A/XP, Citation 550, S550, 560, and Ultra, research has shown that when properly maintained, engine life could be extended. However, data does show rapid deterioration of hot sections run past 2300 hours if not reworked.


"Over one million flight hours have been achieved with approved time interval extension programs."


In fact, operators like Flight Options, NetJets, Travel Management have successfully operated these engines well past the factory suggested TBO intervals up to 6000 with no performance or adverse safety issues (with routine HSI.)

Let's get this off the ground.

Mitigating Risk By Leveraging Technical Expertise

We are providing a consistent and safe means to create the extension allowed by P&W SB 7003, provided for in AC120-113 and approved by the FAA, under a controlled safety enhanced environment.

Our technical expert has overseen more than 1500 STC’s and 17 Turbine retrofit programs, along with a number of time-life extension efforts.

Our certifications are handled by one of the largest ODA’s in the country, with vast experience in STC and ICA programs.

Our operational experience spans personal aircraft ownership, charter, membership programs, aircraft and service sales, MRO, and OEM.

We have partnered with companies that provide fuel, insurance, maintenance services, maintenance tracking, pilot training, and spare parts to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution.

Don't part out your aircraft.

Increasing Your Resale Value

Our clients are able to increase resale value by up to two times the cost of our service, making undergoing a TBO Extension a wise investment regardless of whether you plan on keeping or selling your aircraft.

It just makes sense, doesn't it?